Hello, my name is Annika!

I guess I should start with a warning. My English is poor… So, if you are looking for brilliant grammar and smooth sentences then you may want to escape. In fact, I have not really studied English grammar…, I have had limited English studies in my life. I am speaking and writing how I feel it should be done. I am horrible with articles and sentence construction and when I am speaking I often swap ‘he’ and ‘she’ (my boyfriend, who is English, btw finds it really irritating). I do know that he is a female and she is a male… just kidding… I actually do know that it is another way around but just… I do not really know why I am swapping them. Btw I am Estonian and in Estonian, there is no gender in pronouns. 

Purpose of my blog? My therapist actually challenged me to start keeping a blog. So it is his fault but I am hoping that it will help me to become less critical about my English…

I do not know what exactly I am going to cover in my blog posts but I am a creative person. I love performing arts. Singing, dancing, acting, improv comedy – I have done them all. Not in a professional way but as hobbies. I am interested in psychology and mental health. I have suffered in my life with different mental health problems. I am a very empathic person and I do think I am a helpful and good person although I can be annoying sometimes. Currently, I am doing a master’s degree in Understanding Domestic and Sexual Violence.

So, let’s see what comes up.

Background photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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